Data Analytics Courses and Programs at NOVA

Although all of the courses listed below are already available, the certificate and degree programs are not yet officially adopted, though they should be available by the start of Spring 2023. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns at

Core Data Analytics Courses

  • ITD 145 – Intro. to Applied Data Science Techniques
  • ITD 245 – Adv. Applied Data Science Techniques
  • ITD 140 – Machine Learning I
  • ITD 240 – Machine Learning II
  • ITD 256 – Adv. Database Management Systems
  • ITD 132 – SQL
  • ITP 150 – Python I
  • ITP 250 – Python II

Data Analytics Programs

Data Analytics Specialist Career Studies Certificate (1yr)

This program is designed to provide students with skills that support the newest capabilities and advances in data analytics and engineering. New capabilities in data analytics technology enable data analysts to collect, analyze and make data accessible for making business decisions. This program focuses on training specialists who can provide these advantages to their employers and stay on the leading edge of technology. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to study for data analytics and engineering exams such as:

Additional, follow-on certifications include:

Suggested Schedule with Courses and Credit Hours

Semester OneCredits
ITE 152Intro to Digital and Computer Literacy and Applications3
ITPProgramming Elective I (Python I)4
ITD 132Structured Query Language3
MTH 154MTH 154 or higher-level math course3
ITD 145Intro. to Applied Data Science Techniques3
Total 16
Semester Two 
ITPProgramming Elective II (Python II)4
ITD 140Machine Learning I3
ITD 245Adv. Applied Data Science Techniques3
MTH 245Statistics I3
Total 13

IT AS and IT AAS with a specialization in Data Analytics

Details on these programs coming soon. They will include many of the courses listed in the career studies certificate above.