Intro to Python (STEMinar Series)

00 – Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account if you don’t already have one (you can also log in using your Google, GitHub, or Facebook account)
  3. Log into
  4. Create a new repl ( “+ new repl” button)
  5. Choose “Python”, then either keep the generated project name or rename it
  6. Click “Create Repl” button and wait a few moments…
  7. You’re ready to rock some Python! 🙂

w3schools Python Tutorial (free and high quality):

Also, an interactive Python tutorial on

01 – Input/Output and Variables (Mad Libs Game)

02 – Branching (if/elif/else) (Text Adventure Game)

03 – Looping (repetition) (Guessing Game)

04 – Collections (lots of things) (Hangman)

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