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FREE Virtual Lab Computers

*works from Windows, macOS, and just about every other OS you could think of, incl. ChromeOS

  • Go to the virtual student gateway at and follow the instructions.
  • Before you can log in, you’ll need to download Citrix Receiver.
    • After installation, DISREGARD ‘creating’ or ‘logging’ into an account (just click ‘close’)–all the information that the tool needs will be provided in the virtual student gateway, linked above.
  • You’ll use your myNOVA username and password to login.

Get instant access to a Windows desktop with all the software you need for any IT class–ITP, ITD, ITE, ITN. There are multiple desktop configurations available, with software such as MS Access, Visual Studio, Flowgorithm, other IDEs, MySQL Server and Workbench, Oracle DB, and more.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Free Training

Offered directly by Google (and totally free)–

Microsoft Azure Education Tools

As a student, you get access for FREE to a number of resources, including:

  • Microsoft Azure (cloud platform)
  • Development Tools/IDEs
  • Learning Resources
    • Microsoft hands-on training within Azure (for Azure tasks/roles)

To access these resources, go to

There’s also FREE training videos and guides:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Training

Offered directly by AWS–and mostly, if not all, free–