Database Lectures (ITD256)

Normalization (medium)

Normalization homework problem – Part 1 (Dependency diagrams)
Normalization homework problem – Part 2 (ERD)

Entity Relationship Diagram (hard)

Complex ERD Homework (Part A)

Normalization (hard)

Complex Normalization Homework (Part B)

Loading Sakila Sample DB

Loading Sakila database schema and data from SQL script into your MySQL instance

GROUP BY and HAVING (intro)

SELECT with GROUP BY and HAVING clauses using the Sakila sample database

Advanced SQL: Views, Group By/Having (medium)

Views, GROUP BY and HAVING assignment
More exploration of Views, GROUP BY, and HAVING (vs WHERE)

Semester Project – Cupcake Shop

Project Introduction and Overview; Course Topics Covered by Project
Review of first assignment–documenting Access DB with an ERD.
Discussion of benefits of surrogate PKs over composite PKs with specific UI list example (see image below for off-screen completion of example discussed in video).
cupcake shop - composite-pk vs surrogate
Lecture on Advantages of Atomic PKs over Composite PKs (follow-up and further examination of diagram example above)
Brief overview of Access relationship editor, UI features, such as generating a form from a table.

Part 2: Schema Changes and UI Creation/Customization

Project Part 2: Schema changes, creating and customizing UI (forms + VBA script)
2nd Version of Lecture on Part 2 of Project Assignment
Access combo box form control creation and customization walk-through
Overview of Final Project Assignments (SQL DDL conversion and ODBC table linking)

Part 4: ODBC Setup/Connecting MySQL to Access – Intro and Walk-through

Setup of ODBC connector for Access to MySQL

Course Review (quick)

Course Review (last lecture, short)

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