1. What is a secure password?
    1. It needs to be LONG. That’s it. Not necessarily weird characters or even mixing in numbers (though this does help somewhat–and is required by most sites).
    2. A good rule of thumb is at least 10 characters in length. Anything above 15-20 characters is effectively unbreakable.
  2. That’s too long! How can I ever make up and remember something like that!?
    1. Phrases
      1. Make up a phrase or sentence that you remember, then use that as your password (without spaces).
      2. Ex: My fox Henry chased 13 chickens yesterday! becomes MyfoxHenrychased13chickensyesterday!
    2. Letters from phrases/sentences
      1. First and last letter of each word in phrase, including capitalization and punctuation.
      2. Using the example from above: MyfxHycd13csyy!
    3. Password generation and storage tools
      1. KeePass – encrypts, stores and generates passwords
      2. LastPass – online tool to generate and securely store/use passwords
      3. Authy – 2FA (two-factor authentication) online tool

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